“Tomorrow is Today”


These are just a few of the exercises that are all measurable at full speed and maximum resistance at each centimeter of your movement that can be performed as a result of your purchase of a Tropical Penguin Swim Bench. Of course you can swim too! Your DVD will show all the breakdowns and drills for each stroke as well as an Excel Workout sheet you can use to track your improvement and communicate to coaches and teammates as well as the coaches at Tropical Penguin if you wish. The DVD is organized joint by joint from your toes to your fingertips from your specific swim motions to your core stabilizing muscles. This is indeed the ultimate swim machine -- besides you of course! Feel free to send a good pic of you on the bench! If we use it, you’ll get a free set of RANGS. Click “Play Slideshow” at the top to see these images one by one. Otherwise use your scroll bar.

Isokinetic Exercises on the Swim Bench

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